Alister McGrath Vs. Christopher Hitchens – Poison or Cure? Religious Belief In The Modern World

John Lennox Vs. Richard Dawkins

John Lennox Vs. Michael Shermer – Does God Exists?

Stephen Meyer Vs. Peter Atkins – Intelligent Design

Denis Prager Vs. Sam Harris – Religion

William Lane Craig Vs. Anthony Flew (1998) – Does God Exists?

David Berlinski Vs. Christopher Hitchens – Does Religion Poison Everything?

Peter Hitchens Vs. Adam Rutherford – Does Society Need God?

Meyer & Sternberg Vs. Shermer & Prothero – The Origins of Life

Alister McGrath Vs. Casper Melville – The Future of Atheism

Bart Ehrman Vs. Simon Gathercole – How Jesus Became God

William Lane Craig Vs. Sam Harris – The Foundation of Morality


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