God & Creationism – Quick Fact #1


Fact: The oxygen produced during photosynthesis is used for cellular respiration. The carbon dioxide produced in cellular respiration is used in photosynthesis.

So if plants need the waste product of living organism to exist, and living organisms need the waste product of plants to exist, then they both had to be created at nearly the exact same time.. right?


6 thoughts on “God & Creationism – Quick Fact #1

  1. Good observation, but the inference does not follow completely. The modern carbon/oxygen cycles are adapted to the coexistence of these organisms, rather than existing for them. Past conditions were, at times, drastically different from today.

    There are natural sinks of carbon dioxide, for example, generally balanced by sources. As you noted, plants are a sink, while respiratory animals are a source. Prior to the evolution of respiratory animals, however, other sinks were in place that balanced the carbon cycle (such as the burial of organic matter in the oceans, which we find today in many rocks). When the carbon/oxygen cycles became unbalanced, as they were with the advent of photosynthesis, various feedbacks came into play that brought the system into a new equilibrium.


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