God vs Science: Agency and Mechanism

We often think that science and God are in direct conflict, this idea is predicated on the assumption that God is only introduced to explain the things which we can not, i.e. that he is a “God of the gaps”. When you explain God in this way, then yes we are forced to choose between God and science. However, this is not the God of the bible, the God of the bible explains the things we understand and the things we don’t understand. People think that science pushes God out of the picture, that because we have an explanation of how things work, the idea of an agent is thus unnecessary. John Lennox brilliantly illustrates the fallacy of this logic.

“Suppose we have a Rolls Royce turbo jet engine, and I offer two explanations of it, first is aeronautical engineering and the basic laws of thermodynamics. Another explanations is Rolls and Royce, Choose one! Well anyone can see that’s an absurdity, their two different kinds of explanations, the first is in terms of law and mechanism, that is the scientific one, and the second is in terms of agency”

We feel that because we have a mechanical explanation, that we no longer need the agency explanation. However, it is quite obvious that the two are not mutually exclusive.



One thought on “God vs Science: Agency and Mechanism

  1. Science is in direct conflict with a God that makes a solid dome to separate the waters above from the waters below, and who makes some of the animals on Day Five in Chapter One, before man, then goes on to say no he made all the animals on Day Six in Chapter Two, after man.


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